Friday, March 27, 2009

Have You Hugged Your Consultant Today?

You can expect to see a lot of new start-up businesses. Many people who have been laid off are starting their own ventures. Some will be successful, but many won't because just because they have a good idea, doesn't mean they have the business acumen for success or aren't willing to uses coaches who are available to help them. I find in my local market that people understand that they need help, but they aren't willing to pay for consulting or coaches.
Most people have no problem hiring doctors, lawyers, or accountants, but they don't want to pay for consultants. Somehow their mindset is if they can't hold the product in their hand it has no value. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Hiring a consultant is like renting a second, more experienced brain for the duration of your project.
The smartest people in the world don't have all the answers, they just know where to get the information. Your Consultant knows where to get the answers you need in their field of expertise. The money you invest with a qualified Consultant is and investment in your success.
That is why I'm expanding my base to the internet. I'm here to help small business' create a strong base for success. My new site just launched this week ( Check it out! There is no charge for your initial consultation, why not ask and expert.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Wonder of TurboTax

Several years ago I discovered (I didn’t really discover it—it was already there) TurboTax. At first I was very skeptical, how could a single disc replace my highly skilled $350.00 CPA? A very anal friend who had tested it and compared it to his usual, very successful previous system had recommended the program. In the end his system was one cent off and the TurboTax was correct. That was enough of a recommendation for me to give it a try.
So on Sunday I slipped the disc into my MAC and pushed the download button. It only took a few minutes to load and start up.
The key to success is to have used Quicken or Quickbooks to keep your records. TurboTax pulls all your information in so you don’t have to make piles of receipts all over the floor. Most of the sorting is already done by Quicken. Then it asks you a few questions, allows you to add more information and you are done. As you work it shows you just what your liability is and reminds you of deductions you might have missed.
TurboTax also saves your information from one year to the next so future tax prep is very easy and you can spot potential red flags that could trigger an audit. It also has lots of links to education and tips to help you make better financial decisions.
Using this system has saved me hundreds (or maybe thousands) of dollars and an incalculable amount of stress. Give it a shot—the return on investment is worth the time.