Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have always loved to give. I could carry a $25.00 bill for several weeks and then spend most of it on others. Now you and I will both be able to share in a BIG way.

After years of planning, Other Creations Foundation, Inc. was launched this week. The Foundation, and its partners are dedicated to making the world a better place and educating women so they have the power to improve their family's standard of living and help their communities develop and grow.

Your small contribution of $25.00 will be used to fund the program of your choice; education, water treatment, micro loans, or special projects. More than one half of the World’s population does not have clean water. In many parts of the World it doesn’t take much to start a business to improve the standard of life for your family. Minimum education not only builds strong communities, but it lets student know that they have choices. These are all conditions we are trying to change.
Check out the success stories on our new site, recommend projects for consideration or just leave your comments. We really appreciate your interest and help. You too can really make a difference for women and their families and communities. Please do whatever you can.