Thursday, August 6, 2009

Because We Always Did It That Way

Are your systems really as efficient as they could be? Have you calculated the actual time it takes for each task and how it may be improved with additional training of your staff? An easy measure of efficiency is a count of rejects. An accurate count can help you monitor material costs, labor efficiencies, and often employee attitudes.

The attitude of your employee can make or break your business. The idea of team building is not new, but is still not used as much as it should be. Employees who are invested in the outcome of their efforts and are true team members are more likely to contribute positively to your bottom line. Being team members helps employees take ownership and therefore do a more conscious job. They will care a lot more. Having input in their professional future helps their feelings of self worth and sense of being appreciated. Several studies have reported that many employees are more concerned with the culture and environment of where they work that with the paycheck. Of course the paycheck is important, but it is not the only driving force for a lot of people.

"Because we always did it that way" is a guarantee for failure. Not being open to change is an automatic roadblock to growth. Change should be the only part of your business that is consistent. Your business is a living thing that is constantly growing and changing. Become a fly on the wall and take a hard look at your processes. And keep in mind that flys don't have egos; the best thing you can do for your business is to get out of your own way. A successful enterprise is a reward in itself and plenty of fuel for your ego.