Friday, March 26, 2010

Brain Fade-Where & What

Oops-I think my brain has sprung a leak. More and more often I walk into a room and then don’t know what I am doing there. Dates get mixed up in my head. And where did I leave my glasses?

This can be attributed to one of three things; either I’m getting old, I’m not paying attention and letting life happen to me, or maybe my brain is wearing out. Since I know that I’m not as old as my calendar says I am; I know the problem can’t be blamed on age and I am shown daily that my brain is still functioning; I must just be moving too fast for my angel to keep up with me.
I do know that when I have too much on my plate I tend to run in circles, getting nothing done. How do I learn to pace myself so I’m pleasantly busy, but not buried in projects?

Check lists help, calendars help, and sticky notes are god sent. I’ve read that prioritizing helps, but what is really more important than what? Everything wants to be done, now, or sooner.

Short of having someone follow me around with a pad, I think I have to just concentrate more on the now and hope I have enough room in my brain to store all the things that I’m putting off ‘til later. And hope too, that my brain doesn’t spring a leak and let all the good stuff escape.