Tuesday, June 2, 2009

... its going to be a great ride.

Are you ready to act like the Roadrunner and fall off the cliff into the abyss? With the bankruptcy of General Motors yesterday, we are about to experience dynamic changes in our culture and our futures. As uncertain and overwhelmed we were the last time we made major cultural changes, we survived it, and we will survive it again. The only real difference this time is the pace of our lives and the speed with which we encounter change.

The last major change was the transformation from the industrial age to the information age. In that case specifically General Motors, and all its support systems, is going to emerge from its restructuring activities in a whole new form; bigger and stronger, but very different from today. The industry grew up 50+ years ago and hasn’t aged gracefully. It is going to have to become leaner and more responsive to its customers (both internal and external) in order to survive. New technologies will be embraced and new inspirations will be encouraged. It has been several generations since we were able to witness such changes and these will be even more dynamic than previously. Hang on—its going to be a great ride.