Friday, October 16, 2009


I was just having a discussion with my Dad about why people don’t return social obligations. How many times have you taken friends to dinner before they think to ask you out in return? Do you keep inviting them? This lead to the conclusion that they just don’t know any better; they were never taught manners.
The conversation continued with a look at why people don’t RSVP a mailed invitation. "Répondez s'il vous plaît", which is a French term that means “please respond”, is added to invitations for a reason. It is very frustrating to create a wonderful party and not know how many people will show up. This is an especially special nuisance when you are paying a caterer for each meal. I think it is common courtesy to let your hostess know if you will be able to attend. That brings us to “what is common courtesy”?
Emily Post was America’s foremost authority on manners and graciousness in both your personal life and business. Her contention is that if you abide by the Golden Rule you will enjoy a more comfortable and successful life. That means responding to invitations when asked and considering the value of the friendship when playing the “who owes what” game.
These practices also apply to your business life. Return calls promptly, do what you say you will, remember thank you notes and generally treat you associates as well as you do your friends.
Your life will become a more positive place; a place where it is fun to hang out and has plenty of rewards to offer.