Monday, October 5, 2009


Serendipity is the good fortune of making pleasant discoveries by accident. I just had one of those wonderful moments this afternoon. I had chosen new paint colors for my Beach house by the way the looked to my eye. I knew just what look I wanted. Then today as I was describing the colors to a friend I discovered that I had chosen colors that all had environment related names; the grey is called Cumberland Fog, the purple is Blackberry Harvest, and the white is Snow Fall. All three represent, to me, the great outdoors which is definitely the flavor of the neighborhood where my house is. People there definitely spend more time outside than in.
Have you ever picked out a new treasure at the store and then found out that it was the item on sale? That’s serendipity. Isn’t it fun? Pleasant surprises like that are what add smiles to our lives. They are what keep us looking at the sunny side of life.
Serendipity doesn’t happen entirely by accident. It happens when people are positive and open to new opportunities. Looking down all the time will only yield a few pennies and a lot of used gum, but looking up will offer a world of possibilities. Keeping a positive outlook allows good thing to happen, being negative limits your chances for serendipity. Wouldn’t you prefer to have life’s little surprises than a collection of old gum.