Thursday, April 2, 2009

Over Networked?

I hate (maybe that’s too strong a word) the first Wednesday of every month. That is the day I am in meetings all day. First at 7am for a lead club, then at 11:30 for a networking group, mid afternoon for an office meeting and 6pm for the Cultural Heritage Board. This whirlwind of activity leaves me exhausted. And am I really sure that these meetings are productive. I am making lots of connections, staying on top of what’s happening in the community and serving the public good, but what am I doing for ME?
Do you have hectic meeting days like this? How do you manage your schedule? Have you done an assessment of the value of all your meetings?
Several years ago my calendar became a red flag, I realized that I wasn’t getting my work done and didn’t know why. I searched my calendar for ways to improve my efficiency and discovered that I was spending an inordinate time in meetings. I quit or cancelled almost everything. My Wednesday morning lead club is important so I keep that one, but all the others had to go. What an amazing feeling when I lifted all that weight off my shoulders.
The same survey should be done of all your online networking. Are you spending too much valuable time on Facbook, Twitter, Linkedin and other sites at the expense of efficiency? Are you using these sites to avoid your real priorities? A serious evaluation of your time management may be in order to get you back on the top of your game. What do you think??