Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why Do You Do What You Do?

In our last issue we discussed the value of assessing your Core Values. This can be a very powerful exercise; just the exercise itself will give you amazing insights into your thinking processes.

The next step in building your foundation is to determine your reasons for doing what you do. Your actions are defined by your Mission Statement. Your Statement tells the world about your goals and purpose. It not only tells your employees and teammates where you are coming from, but a well written mission statement also tells your customers, business partners and others who you are, what, why and how your business will conduct itself.

Mission Statements can also be constructed for your personal development. It would define your ethical standards and how people can expect you to act. The absence of surprises makes your associates much more comfortable.

Your Mission Statement, whether for business or personal conduct, should always be in alignment with your Core Values. For example our Mission Statement is; “help people solve problems, seize opportunities, and by acting fell better about themselves.” This tells people what they can expect when working with us; offering anything less is considered failure.

There should be no limits to your imagination when you are developing your Mission Statement. Reach beyond your current capacities. Your Mission Statement also functions like the rabbit to the greyhound in a race. It will cause you to reach to new levels of hopes, dreams, and achievement. You are trying to grow beyond your current reach and your Mission Statement can be a powerful tool to make that happen.