Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who knew...The Power of Facebook

They say "you can't teach an old dog new tricks", but look at me. It's taken a while to get on board the blogosphere and we are still learning, but we are moving forward. I consider social media another tool to help you grow your business by my sharing ideas and concepts. FaceBook has proven to be an amazing tool. It is not just for finding and connecting with old friends and family; a lot of business is getting done. There are over 500 million people now using it; some of them are your future customers.

One local eatery in my community promoted his business on FaceBook for three months before he opened. We all cheered and booed as he did, and didn't get the permits he needed. Delays were lamented, successes cheered. By the time he opened he had a huge following and has been growing ever since. This is a terrific example of using social media to grow a business.

Writing a blog (web journal) is another very powerful tool to use to promote your success. Writing on interesting subjects, related to your field of expertise, lead readers into knowing you. Consumers like to do business with the people they know, and trust. Delivering useful information is a good way to create that trust.

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